It is the greatest transportable installation, mounted into a specially designed vehicle with the follo-wing dimensions: 14 x 5 meters, plus office truck 9 x 2,50 meters.

An extract from the demonstration and the background noise. A radio play recorded in the studios of the WDR-Köln.
During the demonstration of my model railway I show parts of the 24 hour of the Deutsche Bundes- bahn. Each action and the characteritics of the installation are explained. You can hear the natural noise of a starting locomotive, the rolling wheels and the hilarious rhythm of the rail joints. From the station sounds the nervous call of a locomotive, waiting for a blocking signallamp to be un- locked. You attend the preparations on the platform before train dispatch, you hear the doors slam and the stationmaster blow his whistle. Underlying the explanatory words are the noises of moving trains or two deep whistle sounds of a locomotive before entering a tunnel.
Again you hear the train entering the station, the braking of the train and the pounding compressors. When the day is drawing to a close, 11 bells on a church tower begin to ring. While the general illumination is fading away the lamps in the house, on the streete, in the stations and in the trains are lit.The trolleybus, the cable railway and the tram are being prepared for their last tour on this day. The red flash light on the television tower is blinking to warn off the planes,and gradually the light is going out in the houses. But the trains are still moving to their destination station.
The night being over the outdoor lamps are switched off and a new day begins on the streets and on the stations as well as at the sawing mill,even at the place where wood is unloaded and at the other mills.At the freight station waggons are shunt,steaming locomotives are put via the turntable into the locomotice shed.The 4 crane drivers are busy working.
The illuminiated showcases in our demonstration waggon displays more than 350 historical locomotive models,among them very rare pieces of the gauges such as 1, 0, 00, H0. The first model was constructed in 1924.The collection is steadily enlarged and completed.

Some characteristic:
The model railway is installed in a special designed truck.The dimensions are 11 x 2 m, the scale is 1 : 87.= H0.
We display 16 international freight and passenger trains plus ICE, 45 transformers, 72 switch signals, 130 m of layed rails and 5 km of cable laying are used.Furthermore 40 signals, 27 railway switches and overhead contact wire system are installed. In addition the following objects are in operation: 4 cranes in the harbour, aturntable, locomotive sheds, tram, buses, kermis, wind mills and water mills, a truck cable railway, an illuminated cable car. 11 bells are ringing in the evening. Everything is powered by a.c., except the marshalling yard, it has digital and electronic control. 3500 figures are installed. Among them there are people, horses, cows, goats, sheep, pigs, dogs, cats, game, chamois, geese, storks and ducks.
We have 4500 trees of different species clustered such as firs, pinetrees, oak trees, beeches, poplar trees, birch trees, orchards, bushes and hedges. About 500 vehicles are put on the streets.You also see high mountains, steep faces, 25 bridges spanning valleys and rivers. At night the whole scenery is illuminated by 900 lamps. Be ready for a journey that goes back into the time of steam locomotive. A journey in the scale of 1 : 87, not only for lovers of railways. We hope you´ll have pleasure and relaxion in our demonstration!


Contact us:
A. Damaschke Weg 45,
D 49082 Osnabrück

Tel:0049 172 5385679


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